iMscp + OpenDKIM

To get a better IP and domain reputation when sending email marketing you need to configure SPF and DKIM records into your servers. This small guide helped me to setup OpenDKIM on i-MSCP Panel.

Amongst the first Google hits were exactly the interesting bits for me – a forum post announcing the availability of this plugin and an URL to its download section. I'm going to outline the complete process here, first for my personal future reference, but also for anyone who might come across this.

  1. Download the thing (should be – and left that way – in a tarball).
  2. Upload it on the server:
    1. Login as admin user
    2. Go to Settings page
    3. Section Plugin management
    4. Subsection Plugins upload
    5. Browse for the tarball, click upload.
  3. Login as root via SSH
  4. Install opendkim and opendkim-tools (package names in Debian).
  5. Go back to the web UI and click on the "Activate" icon on the right side of the OpenDKIM plugin.
  6. Go back to your SSH console and fix a small permissions issue: chgrp opendkim /etc/opendkim
  7. Restart opendkim service opendkim restart
  8. Back to your web UI, login as Reseller and click on Customers
  9. If all went well, you should be able to see a new menu item OpenDKIM
  10. Choose from the dropdown the domain you want DKIM entries on, submit.
  11. Profit!


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