How To Fix SM Megamenu Error When Update To Magento v1.9.2.0

When Updating ( or installing) your Magento theme to Version, and you had problem with error of SQL state, and you want to fix it as soon as posible.

This tutorial, we will guide you how to fix it to help your store in Magento
All you need to fix the issue with mega menu is to do as 4 following steps to fix SQL state:

Step 1:Go to file app\code\local\Sm\Megamenu\Block\Adminhtml\Menuitems\Grid.php and back up this file.

Step 2:In this file app\code\local\Sm\Megamenu\Block\Adminhtml\Menuitems\Grid.php please go to line 39 and edit it into:

Step 3: Please go to file app\code\local\Sm\Megamenu\Helper\Data.php and back up this file.

Step 4: In this file app\code\local\Sm\Megamenu\Helper\Data.php. please edit line 320 into:

Step 5: After that you can clear cache, log out and log in your admin and you should be able to use your menu again.

sacado de http://www.magentech.com/documentation/how-to-fix-sm-megamenu-error-when-update-to-magento-v1-9-2-0/


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